Handmade Jewelry

Alison Saville-Moss designs and creates the Jewelry in her shop. There are a variety of prices, so everyone can afford something.

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Local Consignment Artists

There are approximately 29 consignment artists in our shop, all VERY talented and dedicated to their work! Below is a list of their names and what they make! AL SAVILLE (dad): Jewelry out of STUNNING stones and mineral & paintings. BOBBIE FOX- graphically designed greeting cards (adorable!) BRADY DOLAN- embroidered items of all kinds (half of "THREAD HEADS") TARA LACKNER- embroidered baby head bands, framed embroidery, etc (other half of "THREAD HEADS") -LAUREN MABRY- Crocheted items of ALL kinds: scarves, cowls, shawls, hats, baby booties, produce bags, coffee cup holders, stuffed animals, and so much more! -SEAN MAHAFFEY- Super skilled wood worker. He can make custom pieces of furniture, shelving, etc. Here he has two tables that are HIGH quality, flawless cutting boards, appetizer and wine trays, "LOVE TEA BOX" charcuterie or cheese plates, bottle opens, pens, and so much more! -LEN WEIDNER- Beautiful handcrafted wooden boxes for all types of things: TEA box, Shaker style baskets and trays, Ring/Salt boxes, "Gift box" (looks like a ribbon), live edge coffee table, abstract cross wooden pieces and so much more! -JUSTIN MASTERMONICO, aka: REMEDY RICE PACKS, dog collars and leashes. HOT & COLD Therapeutic pack- can have scents infused to them or not. Comfortable therapeutic pack provides moist heat to soothe aches and pains. Heat in microwave and chill in the freezer. -PENNY SEE- very gifted and patient "rock painter". They come in rocks, concrete and plaster. VERY detailed pieces that trick your eyes, and look good as garden decor, planted pot decor, paper weights, or just to sit in your home! -BRITTA LAGERQUIST- SUPER detailed quill paper art pieces. She creates GLORIOUS wall pieces that play with shadows and light, she also used her skill on making adorable greeting cards, place holder signs for all occasions, and gift tags (bulk or individually) -NATE COTTERMAN- SKILLED and renowned glass artist. Alison and Nate went to college together, and watched each other grow! There are very colorful vases, unique styles, drinking glasses, and his "balloon" series- displayed in Niche's "Fairy" room. -CHRISTINE NYSTROM- Gorgeous pottery with STUNNING glazes, for all of your decor and fruit bowl needs! She makes bowls, soup bowls, gorgeous pieces to be shown on their own, & mugs. -ABBY DAVIS- of "Ribbons and curls" home sewn bows. She makes ADORABLE hair bows for all ages, mini "pig tail" bows, head bands, and scrunches. She is definitely a favorite for those moms who are looking for that perfect picture bow! (Also, Alison wears them!) -ALICE GIBSON- (of "Zips") Alice makes BEAUTIFUL quilts using vintage, new and fun fabrics. She also makes table runners, make up bags, accessory bags and tiny Zips that connect to your keys for easy access to license, change, cc, etc! (All profits Alice makes are donated to "GO SHOUT LOVE", dedicated to celebrating the lives or children with rare medical conditions and their families!) GOSHOUT.LOVE @goshoutlove #goshoutlove

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NICHE h.c.b. offers repairs to broken jewelry. Knotted pearl restringing, Sterling silver soldering, Gold-filled soldering, broken clasps, jump rings, chains, pendants, etc. Any broken piece of jewelry that you would like to be made wearable again!

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